Yearly club fees are only $35.00. This includes special pricing with the Specialized Ambassador Program and at Wheel Sport Spokane.  Our clothing is custom made by Pactimo and we ask that our members purchase at least one item of clothing to represent our sponsors and wear this clothing when racing and training. We have acquired sponsors, placed their name and logo on our club clothing and we want to feature them when we are training and racing. This is a fulfillment of our sponsorship agreement.


january - february - march:

Emde Sports          P.O.Box 9688 Spokane, WA   99209

Marla Emde:   509-953-9924            Michael Emde:   509-939-0552

If you are interested in joining our club, give us a holler. or



Please act responsibly and respectfully. Our sponsors are expecting the best behavior..."same rights, same roads, same rules". When out on the roads cycling, use proper rules of the road and be an advocate for the sport. 

Whenever possible, please refer friends and associates to those businesses who chose to support our club!  Purchase from Wheel Sport, Specialized and our club sponsors first, if possible. It is an honor and a privilege to get these discounts and benefits from our sponsors.  Please show your support!

We host regular group rides during most of the year for different levels and abilities. We have club meetings 2 times per year, usually involving great food and beverages, a great way to network and create new riding buddies. 


Come on out! 

Thank you.

The focus is on fun!  We feature group workouts several times per week depending on the time of year.  Recreational to Elite level athletes...we've got something for everyone. 

We are proud to be one of the few clubs selected for the "Ambassador Specialized Teams Program". We highly value our great relationship with Wheel Sport Spokane and Specialized. We receive substantial discounts on Specialized products as well as club discounts at their three locations here in Spokane (Central, South Hill and Spokane Valley).  Thank you, Wheel Sport!