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CYCLING coaching Services


We appreciate that you've found us online and welcome to the world of personalized coaching and ultimately a lifetime of fitness.  As a new client, our objectives are to establish your personal goals, develop sport-specific skills and educate you as an athlete, ultimately bringing you to a new level of fitness. We want you to reach your goals. Personal training and coaching is offered for the beginning exerciser to the elite level athlete. Emde Sports provides a personalized approach for your general fitness aspirations, whether it's cycling, triathlon, or running with a detailed daily training schedule, designed just for you! 

We are dedicated to improving your performance and bringing you closer to your full athletic potential no matter what your current level of fitness or ability.  We start with an initial meeting to determine your goals and plan of action. We work with heart rate-based training and power-based training and set up field testing to determine your training zones.  Personalized plans will be designed and we'll meet periodically (Spokane area) to discuss your training and progression. Whether your goal is the national championships, your first triathlon, a 200 mile bike tour, mountain or road cycling, ultra races or general fitness...we'll build a plan that gets you there!


We'll strive for quality and balance. Whether you are an elite athlete or just starting out, we understand that many of you may have family and work commitments that need consideration and time. Training like a full-time professional is most likely not possible.  The key is to keep your life in balance and we'll work hard to achieve the right balance for you.

Training plans are designed with an annual approach in mind, depending on which events or races you want to peak and be ready for. Keep in mind, it takes time to learn about you as an athlete. We'll explore and develop your weaknesses as well as continue to work your natural strengths and abilities. 

Another key ingredient to your success as an athlete and our effectiveness as coaches is communication.  We'll need weekly feedback from you about your training and answer any questions you may have along the way.  Honesty and trust build a strong relationship and a "good fit" between athlete and coach is of the utmost importance.  As we make a point of keeping up on the latest in the fitness industry, we believe you should be informed too. A more informed athlete is a better athlete.  


Email us for rates (marla@emdesports.com). Hourly rates and private lessons for groups are also available (call or email to inquire).